Musical Maria

★★★★ : €€€€
C/Maria, 5
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Sun-Thu: 9pm-2.30am, Fri-Sat: 9pm-3am
Facebook : Tel. 935 01 04 60
A slightly unusual locale this one but in a good way. A lively, if frustratingly well hidden bar a pebble's throw from Gracia's main high street - Gran de Gracia. This place is cosy yet big enough to support a good sized pool room and leave plenty of space at the bar. Unlike most bars in this city, there are no tables and chairs but don't worry, your posterior won't complain too much as there are plenty of barstools. The music here leans towards American and British rock classics and the walls are artistically decorated with photos and memorabilia of our favourite Rock Gods. Anything from Jim Morrison (poetic drug fuelled mystical genius) to Sting (pretentious yoga practicing, yoghurt consuming ex-English teacher). What makes this bar special is the d├ęcor, lack of windows or natural light and all round Anglicized feel that makes us Northern Europeans feel a little more at home than in the usual array of wimpy cocktail bars! If you're looking for somewhere to drink, shout and be merry and to escape that cosmopolitan bar vibe, this bar will probably tickle your fancy and send you on your drunken or otherwise merry way!

Update 2018 - Check their Facebook for details of Monday night trivia quiz. Musical Maria opens late and often closes late, making it a good pre-club choice in Gracia.


Juanito said...

Simply the best bar in Barcelona if you like good music and get a real feeling on how Barcelona citizens live their live.
Great and personalised selection of songs.
I could go there every day.

Craig said...

Access for People with Disabilities

Large level access front door (+80cm) straight from the street. On a weekend it gets packed as it's a pre-bar for Alfa just around the corner (and also owned by the same people).

WC's: Next to impossible, one step up into a narrow pee drenched cubicle!


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