El Granuja

★★★ : €€€
C/Vidrieria, 9
Metro Jaume or Barceloneta L4
A nicer-than-average traditional-style Spanish bar just off Passeig del Born, this slightly secluded bar is the place to duck into for a swift bevvy when all the bigger bars in the Born are rammed. Chilled house music, well-judged lighting and friendly bar staff make this cosy enclave a fine choice for inclusion in a Born bar crawl. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this otherwise orthodox bar is actually the loo... in the sense that there's only one of them. Large groups of marauding hen-nighters or tanked-up footie fans beware! This is not the place to go for an evacuatory pit-stop if there are plenty of full bladders in the party. On the plus side, you cannot be accused of queue-jumping as no queue ever really materialises. If you´re having a heavy session, you'd be well advised to keep one eye on the bog door at all times, and when you see it open, pounce!


DrinkBCN said...

Tut-tut! We had this down for ages as "El Granya" - I thought that meant "The Farm" and the card showed a picture of some lazy hick with a catapult. But a closer look revealed that it is in fact "El Granuja", which means "The Rascal" - a much better name for a bar, I'm sure you'll agree.
Anyway, nice to know we here at drinkBarcelona are on our toes - it only took us about 12 months to find that mistake...

Anonymous said...

Try not to cry, but this bar closed in the first few months of 2009. It was a fantastic local bar that had been there for 25 years. but now it some trendy coktail bar without any of the previous local charm.

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