★★★ : €€€
C/Torrent de L'Olla, 141
Metro Fontana L3
As off-putting as this place is from the outside, I was pleasantly surpised by this bar! A local and very "Catalan bar", it has a little to offer everyone especially those who prefer their nights out to be down to earth, intoxicating, smoky and slightly disconnected from reality. This is no place to go and wine and dine your lover - more of a place to seek out your next one. What I liked most was the emphasis on fun without too much fuss. The bar plays fantastic music, think reggae, chilled dance, rock, and it has a big pool room. It also has a large, cheap bar and comfortable stools to rest your weary posterior on. Added to this you have a grungey-eclectic mix of people, a beautiful and antiquated original foosball table, moody lighting and peeps who just wanna have fun.
Cheap, fun and sleazy but in a good way!

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