Cafe de l'Ópera

★★★★ : €€
La Rambla. 74
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Mon-Sun: 8.30am-2.30am
Website : Tel. 93 317 7585
This modernist style cafe at the midpoint of the Ramblas is about as well-known and central as a bar can be. In case you haven't twigged from its name, it is directly opposite the famous Liceu opera house and if you grab a seat upstairs you will have a glorious view of both the ornate architecture of the Liceu and the canary-flogging, street-performing, pickpocketing madness below. If you're on holiday in Barcelona and you want a taste of a typical Catalan bar, then Cafe de l'Ópera is an easy choice. Fancy acid-etched mirrors, somewhat less fancy chandeliers and the obligatory hard wooden chairs make this bar feel at once typical and yet classier than the norm. Unlike the majority of the bars on the Ramblas, this cafe is frequented by just as many Catalans as holidaymakers and this 50-50 mix gives it a unique vibe. In addition to a spacious main bar downstairs, there are two rooms upstairs which are similar in decor but are significantly cosier and comfier with long, padded, inexplicably shiny, seats. While upstairs, you can also stock up on the latest English magazines and there's even a rare payphone in case your mobile is on the blink, or heaven forbid, you don't possess one. One of the few traditional bars in Barcelona which is always busy and buzzing even in the afternoon, Cafe de l'Ópera is the best bar on Barcelona's most famous street.

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You can have very nice "chocolate con churros" there, for a very decent price!

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