★★★★ : €€€€
C/ de Santa Rosa 14
Metro Fontana L3
Are you red-y for this bar? Sorry for the bad pun, but despite this bar having a reputation for being cool, trendy and a place for celebrities to hang out, I found its only distinctive quality to be its colour! Ok so it's a nice bar with a youngish and trendy crowd, good music and the now clich├ęd projector but I must admit that I was a little disappointed. On the plus side though, the decor isn't bad (if you like moody red!) and the seating surprisingly comfortable for a bar in this area. As is also typical of abodes in this neighbourhood, there is limited space to be found, making this (along with many bars in Gracia!) not a favourite haunt for our claustrophobic friends. However, it is cosy, slightly quaint and has a modernist feel to it, making it a somewhere special place to meet a friend or two - disembarking at the local nearby metro stop - or to clink glasses with your beloved. Either way this place might be your cup of tea or if you're like me it might just get on your nerves as you're ping-ponged around as local peeps trying and shuffle past for their next tipple! Phone a friend or ask the audience before you venture here for a special sojourn.

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Anonymous said...

We actually like listening to Led Zep and Bowie while having a quiet (and very early) beer and watching (silent) spanish pop vids...

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