★★★★★ : €€
C/ de Sant Pau, 77
Metro Liceu L3
Tel. 626 587044
The Raval may be near universally frowned upon as the dodgiest barrio in Barcelona (although there are some that inexplicably love its scuzzy charm), but there's certainly nothing "chungo" about Ambar. This oasis of style in a desert of trash scores heavily on ambience, music, and, perhaps most importantly, price! At around 2€ for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine and 4€ for a cubata (spirit plus mixer), your wallet will for once be saved a downtown pummelling. When I was there recently the bulk of the music seemed to be Spanish cover versions of classic songs by the Smiths and the Cure - not that there's anything wrong with that! Ambar attracts quite an international crowd, so ex-pat residents will doubtless bump into old acquaintances and tourists will find plenty of fellow English speakers with which to mingle. Chilled in the afternoon, suitably buzzing at the weekend, this bar is about as good as it gets.


Siri said...

Ambar is the most likely place to hear a song that you dont know by heart already in all of BCN. Was my prefered hangout and I do miss it a lot!

Anonymous said...

A low key dark bar in Raval but loved it in their. Chill out bar to pass the time away with all sorts of characters coming and going. Cant wait to go back!

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