★★★★★ : €€€€€
C/Gran de Gracia 36
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Mon: 8pm - 3am, Tue/Wed: Closed, Thur: 8pm - 3am, Fri/Sat: 8pm - 3.30am, Sun: Closed.
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 15 18 24
Arguably more of an effort at a disco than a bar, I've decided to pop this place into our guide for the simple reason that it's just too good to miss, but this place is certainly no nightclub. Really it's a bar with a very good dance floor and simply fab music. Well, when I say fab I mean it's a sweaty place to go and dance to the likes of The Smiths, Hendrix, The Strokes (and no Coldplay or Keane!) and just about any other classic piece of guitar based rock that has assaulted our ears since the sixties. Prices are not cheap, but it does offer a lot more than a bar can and for the entry price you also get a free beer or large spirit of your choice! Full of locals and more than a handful of ex-pats you'll certainly feel at home here. Don't come here if you want a quiet drink or are not at home in a hot, sweaty, quite simply 'rammed' bar, but do come if like me you can't stand electronic car alarm music and want to boogie your buttocks away to all the classics that still hit the spot and then some!

Update 2018 - Definitely pulls in an older crowd (if you think 30's are oldies!). Alfa also does concerts and open mic nights if you want your 5 minutes of fame! Check their website and facebook for details.

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Craig said...

Access for People with Disabilities

One small step into Alfa and then ramped throughout.

This place gets CROWDED and is not for the faint hearted although it is one of my favourite hangouts in Barcelona. Lots of people bumping into and falling over you if you're a wheelchair user, this can either be a good or bad thing depending on what mood you're in!

WC's: OK, there is an "adapted" WC at the back of Alfa past the dancefloor to the left handside of the bar. They hold the keys behind the bar and they will open it for you. Don't exepect anything special, they use the WC as a store room so it's full of stuff, if you can manage to get ast everything, the actual WC is disgusting and doesn't flush......

Other WC's for non-wheelchair users are up a flight of about 15 - 20 stairs.


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