★★★★★ : €€€€
C/ de Matilde, 2
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Mon-Thu:8pm-2am, Fri/Sat:9pm-3am, Sun:Closed
This is probably the coolest bar I know for all round entertainment! Take a projection screen playing retro movies and the only bar which prides itself on offering chocolate cake on demand and we're on to a winner! Décor is also fantastic, a brightly lit bar area with stools, subtle red lighting in the table areas and a plethora of photos on the wall and this bar also plays some damn fine tunes. Think Britpop, Indie & Rock and you'll be in the right ballpark. (I believe the owner is a big fan of Radiohead!) This is definitely the kind of locale that you'll pop into for a quiet midweek drink and end up carving your body permanently into your chair! That said, for non-drinkers, there are no non-alcoholic drinks except for the usual softies which makes this very much a drinkers/musicians bar (hence the name Vinyl!). English is not spoken here (except by the ex-pats!) but that said it's a great place to go when exploring the nooks and crannies of Gracia, especially if you're seeking some super strong absinthe! The bar is slightly hidden so try and find your way to Plaça Ruis-i-Taulet (now known as Plaça de la vila de Gracia) and ask a friendly local for directions!
Zero Zero

Update 2018 - Whether its Vinilo or Vinil, this bar is still a cool homage to late 20th century music and is just around the corner from Amélie.


DrinkBCN said...

One word of warning, it's always hard to get a table here, so go early!

Craig said...

One of my favourite bars too, a really cool place to hang out and the crepes are great too!

Craig said...

Access for People with Disabilities

One step down into the bar and then it's very small and as mentioned in the review it gets busy quickly so get a good spot early.

WC's: Don't even think about it, not a cat in hells chance!


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