The Palace Bar

★★★★ : €€€€
C/ Vigatans, 13
Metro Jaume L4
Formerly the Clansman, this recently revamped, re-badged and reopened bar in the heart of the Born is a most agreeable place to knock back a few pints and shots on a Friday or Saturday night. The bar manages to combine the beers-on-tap, order-at-the-bar style of a typical pub with the trendy decor and candlelit vibe of a more intimate cocktail bar. The bar staff are particularly friendly, and crucially for those on their hol's, English speaking. The bartender assured us that the bar's decoration is still a work in progress. If that´s the case then it will surely look amazing when it's finished as it's already head and shoulders above most Barcelona boozers. It's not the easiest bar in town to find, but fortunately it is at least on one of the Born's more prominent back alleys. It might not be a findable enough meeting point to start your night out, nor the most banging place to finish it, but for that mid session journey from lightly sloshed to heavily sozzled, it's as good as anywhere in the Born.

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Jose said...

If you like cocktails you must visit The Palace Bar, and with this discount card you get drinks 2 x 1

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