Pipa Club

★★★★ : €€€€
Placa Reial, 3
Metro Liceu L3
Website : Facebook
Hours: Mon-Sun:9pm-3am
Although technically this is a club dedicated to pipe smokers, from most other points of view this is a fantastic and old traditional drinking den - inhabited by just about anyone who likes to listen to jazz/funk music, sip some super cocktails and hang out with friends. Being famous by 'those in the know' as a bar to pass the night in and, if you have the stamina, the early morning, most people here settle in until the early hours and sometimes beyond! The appeal of this place is threefold, great cocktails, a pool table, and the music. Don't be surprised to find a little of just about everyone here, from locals to tourists to ex-pats and anybody else who values an evening of imbibing booze washed down with great d├ęcor and soothing tunes. This place might be a little difficult to find as you have to locate the building and then get 'buzzed up' to the upper part but once you're in I'll be very surprised if you can find a good excuse to not meander the night away here. I can promise you from experience that many a day after has left me feeling like the line between dreams and reality has melted away as I've tried to get my head around the aftershock of a beautiful and somewhat surreal, dreamy night in this bar that dares you to push your mind and body to its God given limits!

Update 2018 - Recently refurbished, the Pipa Club has gone slightly more upmarket for the young, affluent crowd, but has not thrown away its history - it's still a cool place to hang late at night. Find the entrance down by the Glaciar bar.


Case said...

I used to go this bar all the time about ten years ago. I wonder if they still have the mini-pool table in the back room? If you broke to hard the cue ball fly at the window. Somebody had placed plywood behind the curtains to keep the glass from breaking.

This is a great bar. The kid that worked the door would never charge me a cover because I always had my skateboard with me and he skated. The bartender even lent us a bottle of whiskey (b/c she couldn’t sell it to us) when we ran out of booze during a 3 am poker game at a nearby friends house.

Anonymous said...

Extremely expensive due to it being open after everything else shuts - how late do you really need to stay out drinking?

ZeroZero said...

Hmmm.. closing by 4am on a tuesday in August, was not impressed!

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