Le Journal

★★★★★ : €€
C/Francisco Giner, 36
Metro Diagonal L3, L4, FGC : Gracia FGC
Hours: Sun-Thu:6pm-2:30am, Fri/Sat:6pm-3am
Facebook : Tel. 93 368 4137
The bar that the expression "hidden gem" was invented for, Le Journal is a great little find. Extremely cosy with comfy furniture that sucks you into it and refuses to let you out until you're very drunk indeed. The upstairs balcony is pleasingly low so that if you're lucky enough to get seats by the edge you can cheekily lean down and order drinks from the bar without leaving your table. One side of the room is a huge mirror with the cocktail menu scrawled on it in vibrant red and black lipstick-coloured letters. The walls and ceilings are plastered with old newspapers, a decorative choice which sounds naff but surprisingly really works. Le Journal shares the same cosy and eclectic style of Chatelet and St Germain, but oozes an authentic cool that those more mainstream bars lack. Just a few minutes walk south of Pla├ža del Sol and Travesera de Gracia, there really is no excuse for not checking out Le Journal.

Update 2018 - A very cool out-of-the-way bar with excellent G&T's and cocktails within an acoustic serving of indie and alt-pop music.


DrinkBCN said...

They now do Guiness 'on tap' and there is a large screen for Barcelona footy!

DrinkBCN said...

2 cocktails for 8 euros until 10pm! Bargain!

Yelena said...

le journal is my neighborhood favorite! best cocktails in town, really low key atmosphere that reminds me of the old greenwich village.

Paul said...

As cool as this bar is, it´s not a good choice for those baking hot summer nights, as they have no air conditioning and the bar is generally very crowded and sweaty. The last time we went, it was literally like a sauna in there.

Didac said...

Not so heavenly for smokers. i used to go there until they comminated me to stop smoking my pipe while seating at the bar or go elsewhere in a very disgusting fashion, and with no reason at all (there was people smoking cigarretes just by my side) ; the barman forgot all kind of politeness, so I just finished my glass and left forever

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