★★★★ : €€€
C/Sant Joaquim, 35-37
Metro Fontana L3, L4 : Gracia FGC
HDP is the best place to play pool in Gracia and one of the best in the whole of Barcelona. Wave goodbye to ripped felt, wonky cues and pockmarked balls and enjoy a superior pool playing experience on one of the 7 tables. Since last year's smoking laws came into force, puffing on a ciggy while mulling over your choice of shot is now annoyingly a thing of the past. Smoking is at least permitted in the bar area where there is a variety of games ranging from chess, darts, cards, dominos and even Connect 4, ensuring that all ages, IQs and levels of drunkenness are catered for. Two large plasma tellies make this bar an excellent choice for watching football with the locals, especially Barcelona matches, since every time Barça score, the bartender treats the throng to a quick celebratory burst of James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)". Don't be put off by HDP's pool hall status; it draws a young, friendly crowd and there are just as many girls as guys. This ex-pat favourite has a lot of character and a lively atmosphere which puts many of Gracia's trendier bars to shame.

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Anonymous said...

OK it's a good pool bar but for a snob like me, I can only recommend as a very functional bar, good for pool but I wouldn't hang out there otherwise!

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