★★★ : €€€
Plaça Reial 3
Metro Liceo L3
Hours: Sun-Thu:8.30am-2.30am, Fri/Sat:8.30am-3am
Facebook : Tel. 933 02 11 63
Situated in one corner of Plaça Reial, Glaciar is one of the older, more famous bars in the tourist heart of Barça. Inside the place is surprisingly large, given its corner location and has two upstairs rooms if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Plaça Reial crowd. But it is in the warmer months that Glacier comes into its own, because cooperation between it and a small companion bar makes for the largest outside drinking terrace in the Plaça. There are plenty of tables, although it is of course very popular. Once you succeed in grabbing a table and chairs, you can enjoy the open air and be entertained by the de rigeur street performers (expect to be asked to drop a few centimos into a outstretched cap or cup every half hour). Or, if you're like me, you can sit back and people watch, whilst being continually amazed at the length of the queue for Les Quinze Nits. Given its central location, Glaciar isn't the cheapest bar in town, but compared to the plethora of Irish pub tourist traps it's good value for money. The level of waiter service is quite good, although don't be afraid to shout, "¡Perdón - por favor!" to grab the camarero's attention.

Update 2018 - Still going strong and still a great place to people watch in the warm summer evenings. Check their Facebook page for details on upcoming events and live music.

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ZeroZero said...

This area has been gentrified recently and there is much more of a police presence, making it a nicer experience to sit outside in the warmer weather!

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