Electric Bar

★★★ : €€
Travessera de Gracia, 233
Metro Joanic L4
Hours: Sun-Thu:7pm-2am, Fri/Sat:7pm-3am
Facebook : Tel. 93 415 43 24
Finally a bar in Barcelona for those of us whose idea of a night out involves more than just necking a bunch of drinks on a journey into oblivion. This is place for those of us who like our music "live and kicking". Every Saturday night expect to hear one of Barcelona's up and coming bands rocking out to a crowd of locals and the odd ex-pat. Being a typical-ish Gracian bar, the d├ęcor is arty in a rustic street inspired type way and the prices no more than the usual. Also in keeping with local tradition the furnishings are far from being comfortable but as this bar leans towards musicians and arty types this does nothing but add to its charm. If you're fed up with smooth, laid back cocktail bars and fancy kitschy wall projections and want somewhere a little more down to earth, check this place out and get your hips swinging to some local Catalan rock music in this crusty yet charming bar hidden away from the heart of Gracia!

Update 2018 - A Brazilian-owned ramshackle joint in Gracia, check out the seven flavours of caipirinha available.

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