★★★ : €€€
C/d'Astúries, 28
Metro Fontana L3
Not a bar for those looking for the infamous Barcelona wild time antics but a nice bar nevertheless! Pictures of nudity appear on the walls of this rather cosy little place and the drinks are cheap. It's more of a bar to meet peeps in prior to stepping up to the inevitable hardcore drinking extravaganza that socialising here often requires. Being just around the corner from the metro station makes it an ideal meeting place and although you won't want to camp for the evening here, it's a great place to lubricate the tonsils and listen to some good English music. The staff here don't speak English so you'll need to brush up on your Spanish skills a little. However if you're feeling peckish and you want a taste of the real thing, this bar is the perfect place to start out your night and then let the sporadic streets of BCN guide you into the kind of joys that your liver won't thank you for in the morning but hopefully the person (or people) you wake up with will!

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Anonymous said...

A lot less ordinary than it might seem, a very nice and cheap bar. Very close to Fontana too.

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