Sagardi Gòtic

★★★★ : €€€€
C/Argentería, 62
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Bar - Mon-Sun: 10am-1am, Restaurant - 1pm-Midnight
Website : Tel. 93 319 9993
One of the best known of the many Basque tapas bars in the city, Sagardi is an ideal place for hungry and dishevelled new arrivals to flock to for a refreshing glass of cider and a mouthwatering spread of authentic Basque "pinchos". These tasty morsels consist of a unique topping pinned to a chunky slice of baguette with a cocktail stick. The variety of pinchos on offer is quite magnificent and the system for paying for them is the same as in all Basque tapas bars. Simply help yourself to food from the bar and collect the cocktail sticks on your plate (resisting the urge to pocket them, drop them on the floor, or sneakily transfer them onto your neighbour's plate), then when you're ready to leave just present the barman with the sticks and in exchange he will present you with a hefty bill. In Sagardi, the pinchos are around 2€ each, which may sound fine, but beware, it's deceptively easy to gorge on these moreish snacks and end up paying through the nose. This bar is also a fine restaurant and if you choose to be seated in the back for a proper meal, there is the sheer unadulterated fun of helping yourself to unlimited free refills of cider from the huge barrels on the wall, holding your glass an arm's length away while the cider spurts into it in a big pleasing arc. For tourists, this place is a great place to come on your first evening in Barcelona; for those living here, it's an easy choice when entertaining foreign guests. 

Update 2018 - There is also a Sagardi Eixample (Carrer de Muntaner 70, Metro Universitat L1 & L2, Telephone: +34 93 706 0706) if you're to the north of the city center. Full information and menus can be found at their website.

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