Mond Bar

★★★ : €€€
Plaça del Sol, 21
Metro Fontana L3 : Gracia FGC
Plaça del sol's little anomaly, Mond Bar eschews the wooden rustic charm of its neighbouring bars in favour of a minimalist, fluorescent, vaguely ambient decor. Small and imperfectly formed, at first glance there appears to be an upstairs seating area, but it turns out to be merely the loos. Apart from a small bar area, Mond Bar is essentially just one shoebox shaped room with club adverts adorning the walls. Try to get a space on the long padded bench running round the edge of the room, as the rest of the seats are uncomfortable small square poofs. One definite thumbs up is the free jukebox with a selection that balances trendy electronica such as Hot Chip with 21st century indie like Franz Ferdinand and classic bands such as the Smiths and the Clash. Mond Bar may not be quite as cool as it thinks it is, but it does at least provide a genuine contrast to other bars in Gracia.

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