★★★★ : €€€€
Passeig del Born 15
Metro Jaume I L4
A perfect balanced ambiance makes this bar on Passeig del Born a great place to spend your evening. El Born is one of the best bar areas in the city and this is one of the best bars there. It's easy to miss this establishment because it's difficult to see from the street, but once you step through the small wooden doors you'll quickly realize this is a great place to grab some drinks. The bar is well designed with warm lighting, comfortable wicker chairs, and soft music that leaves space for anyone to enjoy a conversation. It's a big place, but arrive before midnight if you want a seat because this it's very popular amongst the 30-something, professional and tourist crowds. Smokers will want to head for the upstairs over-looking balcony, as the main bar area is now non-smoking.

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Anonymous said...

I agree it's a great bar, especially for the slightly more adventurous tourist! Could be a bit much for non-smokers though!

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