La Cervesera Artesana

★★★ : €€€€
C/Sant Agustí, 14
Metro Diagonal L3, L5
Website : Facebook
Tucked away on the cusp of Eixample and Gracia, this Catalan run pub is easy to miss, but worth making the effort to discover. The main attraction is the homemade beers ("torrades") that are brewed and served here - you can even watch the beers fermenting through a large glass window. They also sell Kwak, not a homemade beer, but a curious one which is served in an amusingly bulbous flask apparently borrowed from a children's chemistry set. The other plus is the free mixed nuts that are continually replenished while you guzzle. La Cervesera Artesana is frequented primarily by locals with a smattering of ex-pats thrown in and very few tourists, if any. Music comes from the thick end of the 80s cheese wedge - think Rick Astley rather than Duran Duran. Relaxed and inoffensive, it's an agreeable place for a few quiet pints, but is unlikely to form the centrepiece of an epic night out in Barcelona.

Update 2018 - Perhaps one of the first micro-breweries in Barcelona, founded in 1996. If you're after good beer and want to explore away from the tourist center of town, then put La Cervesera Artesana on your list. Check their Facebook page for details of upcoming events and live music. As a real ale fan, I'd now award La Cervesera Artesana ★★★★!

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