★★★★★ : €€
C/Ramon y Cajal, 80
Metro Joanic L4
Hours: Thu-Sat:from 9:30pm
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 676 3132
Well as you can see by my first and possibly only 5 star rating, I absolutely dig this joint! This is a place for peeps who need good music, kitsch decor and a 'street' inspired atmos. If you want the very best in house, drum 'n' bass or hip hop, you won't find it here. If however you're musical tastes lean towards indie, rock, alternative or anything involving non-computer based music, this is definitely your kind of place! Ranging from live music during the week to a residential weekend DJ, you can't go wrong in this unique bar, slightly off-the-beaten track, nestled in the lesser known streets of Gracia. Take your pick of pews in the nooks and crannies of the conservatory or grab a table and chairs in the main room - either way this is a place for drinking away the stresses of a hard week's graft. Expect an air of tranquillity during the week and to be bounced around like a bumper car at the weekend. Either way, you'll have a fun time and some great pictures to take back home!

Update 2018 - Heliogàbal has been closed over 2016/17 due to noise and licensing issues, but appears to be back open again. Note the limited opening hours and check their website for details on upcoming concerts and ticket prices.

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