Gracia Area

The Gracia neighbourhood is just one stop up from the top of Passeig de Gracia but it's a completely different barrio. The area is popular with artists and sports a generally bohemian crowd, it also has a high ex-pat population and the highest concentration of foreign restaurants in Barcelona. Placa de Sol is the best known location. Lined with bars, this is where people convene to drink and be merry. Gracia is also well-known for its festival, which is held over five long, blurry days in August and sees the locals competing in street decoration. The results are spectacular, and at night the festival comes alive with drinks stalls and stages of live music of every variety. Fontana is the metro stop that takes you to the heart of Gracia. The FGC also has a Gracia stop which is well worth using. This place has great bars, cosy cafes, a real Mediterranean lifestyle. You might find some of the bohemian population a bit intimidating (there are a lot of piercing, dreadlocks and tattoos around!) but the area is quite safe.

Gracia is perfect for those who have been to Barcelona before and want a different, perhaps more authentic experience. It may seem a bit out of the way on the map, but it's is easily accessible from central Barcelona making it suitable for everyone to reach. One of the best features of Gracia is that there are not too many tourists so you feel like you’ve discovered something a bit new and diverse. Shopping is also good in Gracia, where new, arty boutiques stand next to traditional Spanish stores.

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