★★★ : €€€
C/Planeta, 39
Metro Fontana L3
This bar, situated a stones throw from Gracia's well known and beloved Placa del Sol entices us with a relaxed affectation and smooth, sensual lighting. Mid-week it's perfect for a quiet drink, whether it's a perch at the bar or by way of a table of friends to shoot the breeze with, long into the dusky night. Offering tranquil music and two-for-one every night until 11pm, you could do a lot worse than spending a few jolly hours here sipping traditional beers and cocktails (or indeed chupitos - shots of spirits), or if you're feeling somewhat more adventurous, sampling some international brews, courtesy of the proprietor's fridge. Couple all of this with a slice of laid-back Jazz and the evening is guaranteed to be off to a flying start! At weekends expect a significantly busier vibe and tunes to get your pulse racing although don't expect anything too clubby to caress your earlobes. A bar for drinkers and conversation, with a good decor (Salvador Dali graces the walls!), nice atmos and cheap to boot, especially before 11pm.

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DrinkBCN said...

Not sure that the "2-for-1" deal is on any more, and except for a tiny area at the very back, this place has become a "barstools only" bar. It's normally quite quiet before midnight, but if you're tired of the packed bars in the Placa del Sol, then this place makes a nice, more tranquil change.

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