Cafe del Teatre

★★★ : €€€
C/Torrijos, 41
Metro Joanic L4
This cute little abode is a fab place to hang out and ingest a few bevies - prior or post to stuffing yourself with popcorn at the nearby cinema. Offering a comfortable and warmly lit d├ęcor, food and a veritable spread of good tunes, a sojourn to this bar will leave you feeling warm and snug inside. Friendly, young bar staff, mellow ambience and arty walls will mean that your imagination can relax and soak in the atmosphere of good times and satisfying brews. Prices are not bad too, average for this type of locale and it's great place to gossip with friends, romanticise your next conquest or simply sit and emerge yourself in a good book. This is not the type of bar you'll find yourself getting bladdered in but a place to unwind and let your mind float down the rivers of life.

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