Buda Bar

★★★★ : €€€€
C/Torrent de L'Olla
Metro Joanic L4
If you're sick and tired of comfy bars, with projectors, cocktails and clean decor, you might want to wonder into this place to seek some 'spirit'-ual enlightenment! I especially like this bar during the week as it's never too rammed, plays great music (britpop, rock, indie...) and sports a pool table and dart board (don't expect a Brit board though, in Spain they are electronic!). There is also plenty of room in this place (unusual for Gracian bars) and the decor and vibes are closely reminiscent of English pubs! Unlike most bars in this area, there are no tables and chairs - so comfort is not a priority but fortunately drinking, fun and good times are! Prices are a little high but if you're on a tight budget befriend the local barman and you'll be more than likely to acquire a free shot or two at the end of the evening. He is also speaks English (if you prod him a bit!) and if gracing your presence in a Brit-pub inspired bar is on your 'to do ' list then check this place out. It's not however a theme pub (thank God) and therefore for me represents a perfect ying-yang symmetry of both pub and local bar combined.

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