Barceloneta Area

Barceloneta is one of the most popular areas to visit to chow down and imbibe a few drinks. Supporting numerous bars and restaurants its charm lies in its winding streets, old buildings and local places to make your pit stops. It is also one of the best places to start off in order to get yourself accustomed to the long and snaking beach area which is littered with a number of 'chiringuitos' or beach bars as we call them in our native tongue!

Built in the 18th century and even mentioned in the famous epic 'Don Quijote' it oozes history as well as sun, sea, sand and everything else associated with having a good time. If you're on your hols here you must check out this neighbourly area and although many of the bars may look old and rickety, I can guarantee you'll find nothing but charm seeping gracefully from every nook and cranny - at least until your beer goggles become too hazy!

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