Placa Espanya Area

Placa Espanya is an important part of the city - historically speaking, being the square for public hangings until 1715, although the closest you'll see to anti-social behavior now is a few revellers staggering home on a Saturday night! Bar wise, it's not exactly the epicentre of all that is happening in Barcelona but it does have a few interesting locales and many bars that are more than adequate for your needs. Really, this is a place to visit in the day and check out the important and impressive structures and parks in this area. However if you do fancy a beer or two there are places you can go. For a really unique time here, you really need to come here for New Year's eve or during the important local festivals, such as La Merce when you'll see illuminated fountains and a virtual ants nest of people letting their hair down!

Fortunately (if you are Catalan) or unfortunately (if you are a lover of all that is pure Spanish), they are currently dismantling the Bull Ring here in order to build a shopping centre. This should mean that a few new local bars surface in the area. DrinkBarcelona of course will be on the scene when they do, sampling their delights and donning our critics hats purely for the benefit of your humble selves!

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