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★★★★ : €€€
C/Banys Vells, 6
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Sun-Thu 7.30pm-2:30am, Fri-Sat 7.30pm-3am
Rubí is an atmospheric and popular bar tucked into the backstreets north of the Born area. High ceilings, chandeliers, stone walls, oversized mirrors and soft candle lighting lend this once ancient house a warm and interesting style. The upstairs mezzanine has lounge seats where you can recline and enjoy the decadent feel. Being Rubí, the bar is of course red, with the upper level separated by an ingeniously decorated wall of original Spanish wine bottles. Definitely one for the wine and cocktail crowd, Rubí's happy hour is from 7pm to 9pm when cocktails go for half price, so remember that after 9pm it's back to center prices! There's also an interesting menu of light dishes that are "offered in appetizer size or as a main course to encourage sharing of plates", as their website puts it. A cool music selection of funk, soul, and jazz gives the bar an exclusive club feel. Rubí's one of those bars that's definitely worth leaving the main Born strip to find, and the happy hour makes it a great place to enjoy a few early cocktails.

Update 2018 - Still one of the best places to get a decent Mojito, and a huge selection of speciality gin & tonics for a reasonable price.

Hard Rock Cafe

★★★ : €€€€
Plaça Catalunya, 21
Metro Catalunya L1, L2, L3, FGC
Hours: Mon-Fri:7pm-3am, Sat/Sun:Noon-3am
Facebook : Website
Probably the single most popular meeting point in Barcelona, due to its privileged position at the top of the Ramblas in Plaça Catalunya, this temple to all that is Amercian is a tourist mecca. It's noisy, packed with gormless wonders and exudes a soul-destroying plastic chain pub vibe. On the plus side, the food is quite decent, if rather basic, and with it being an American establishment, the portions are gigantic. Also, they have a cunningly hi-tech system for making you wait for a table. As the restaurant is usually packed, you're given a remote-control style gadget which you take with you to the bar. You can then relax and enjoy a pint in comfort, knowing that you'll be buzzed when there's a table available. If you want experience a mass-produced tourist experience, then Hard Rock is reliable, but you came to Barcelona to sample some culture, right? You can do so much better than this!

Update 2018 - The truth is, many tourists seek out familiar experiences when they're abroad - just look at the number of Irish pubs in Barcelona! Hard Rock offers the MTV / Americana experience, and it does a good job at that. If that's what you want, then Hard Rock is the place to go; if you want to sample local culture, then avoid.


★★★★★ : €€€
C/ de Sant Pau, 77
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Mon-Thu:5pm-2.30am, Fri/Sat:3pm-3am, Sun:2pm-2.30am
Facebook : Tel. 934 41 37 25
The Raval may be near universally frowned upon as the dodgiest barrio in Barcelona (although there are some that inexplicably love its scuzzy charm), but there's certainly nothing "chungo" about Ambar. This oasis of style in a desert of trash scores heavily on ambience, music, and perhaps most importantly price! With "local's prices" for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine and for a spirit plus mixer, your wallet will for once be saved a downtown pummelling. When I was there the bulk of the music seemed to be Spanish cover versions of classic songs by the Smiths and the Cure - not that there's anything wrong with that! Ambar attracts quite an international crowd, so ex-pat residents will doubtless bump into old acquaintances and tourists will find plenty of fellow English speakers with which to mingle. Chilled in the afternoon, suitably buzzing at the weekend, this bar is about as good as it gets.

Update 2018 - Terrace seating is available in the bustling square at the bottom of the Rambla de Raval Sant Pau, although outside service can be sketchy at times. Inside, Ambar is a chill place to start your evening, with excellent cocktails (especially gin & tonics) at reasonable prices for that location. Walk up the Rambla de Raval Sant Pau for alternative bars and restaurants. Check their Facebook for lots of pictures and any special drink offers.


★★★★★ : €€€€
C/ de Matilde, 2
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Mon-Thu:8pm-2am, Fri/Sat:9pm-3am, Sun:Closed
This is probably the coolest bar I know for all round entertainment! Take a projection screen playing retro movies and the only bar which prides itself on offering chocolate cake on demand and we're on to a winner! Décor is also fantastic, a brightly lit bar area with stools, subtle red lighting in the table areas and a plethora of photos on the wall and this bar also plays some damn fine tunes. Think Britpop, Indie & Rock and you'll be in the right ballpark. (I believe the owner is a big fan of Radiohead!) This is definitely the kind of locale that you'll pop into for a quiet midweek drink and end up carving your body permanently into your chair! That said, for non-drinkers, there are no non-alcoholic drinks except for the usual softies which makes this very much a drinkers/musicians bar (hence the name Vinyl!). English is not spoken here (except by the ex-pats!) but that said it's a great place to go when exploring the nooks and crannies of Gracia, especially if you're seeking some super strong absinthe! The bar is slightly hidden so try and find your way to Plaça Ruis-i-Taulet (now known as Plaça de la vila de Gracia) and ask a friendly local for directions!
Zero Zero

Update 2018 - Whether its Vinilo or Vinil, this bar is still a cool homage to late 20th century music and is just around the corner from Amélie.


★★★ : €€€
Plaça Reial 3
Metro Liceo L3
Hours: Sun-Thu:8.30am-2.30am, Fri/Sat:8.30am-3am
Facebook : Tel. 933 02 11 63
Situated in one corner of Plaça Reial, Glaciar is one of the older, more famous bars in the tourist heart of Barça. Inside the place is surprisingly large, given its corner location and has two upstairs rooms if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Plaça Reial crowd. But it is in the warmer months that Glacier comes into its own, because cooperation between it and a small companion bar makes for the largest outside drinking terrace in the Plaça. There are plenty of tables, although it is of course very popular. Once you succeed in grabbing a table and chairs, you can enjoy the open air and be entertained by the de rigeur street performers (expect to be asked to drop a few centimos into a outstretched cap or cup every half hour). Or, if you're like me, you can sit back and people watch, whilst being continually amazed at the length of the queue for Les Quinze Nits. Given its central location, Glaciar isn't the cheapest bar in town, but compared to the plethora of Irish pub tourist traps it's good value for money. The level of waiter service is quite good, although don't be afraid to shout, "¡Perdón - por favor!" to grab the camarero's attention.

Update 2018 - Still going strong and still a great place to people watch in the warm summer evenings. Check their Facebook page for details on upcoming events and live music.

No Sweat

★★★★ : €€€
C/Vic 19
Metro Fontana L3 : Gracia FGC
Hours: Mon-Sun:7.30pm-2.30am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 15 29 56
If your night out begins in Gracia and you fancy stepping the pace up a gear and heading in the direction of the trendier, clubbier and pricier area of Maria Cubi and Aribau, you would do well to stop off at No Sweat along the way. Sandwiched in-between Gran de Gracia and Via Augusta, this bar may not be the biggest or most famous in town, but it is deceptively charming. From the outside it seems small and unremarkable, but like Dr Who's Tardis, once you step inside it's a whole lot bigger. The walls are covered in stylized pictures of iconic movie images, from Marlon Brando to Darth Vader to Audrey Hepburn and far too many from Tarantino films. The bar wraps all the way around from the entrance into the pool section and this place is a particularly good place to prop up the bar. It's also big enough for groups and there's a dartboard, a pool table and a foosball table for when too much booze has rendered meaningful conversation impossible.

Update 2018 - Refurbished and re-styled in 2017, No Sweat still keeps all of its charms and is now a little less rustic and more metropolitan in décor. Check their Facebook for upcoming events, DJs and football matches to be shown.

Shenanigans (Quiet Man)

★★★ : €€€
C/ Marqués de Barberà 11
Metro Liceu L3
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 412 1219
If ever there was a pub that well and truly lives up to its name, it must surely be the Quiet Man (now Shenanigans). A short stroll from the Ramblas into the Raval, this authentic pub is very laid-back and affords you the rare pleasure (or displeasure depending on the quality of the company you keep) of actually hearing every word your drinking buddies splutter. The Quiet Man fulfils its main obligations as a pub by serving cider and Guinness as well as a variety of lagers and bitters and showing plenty of mandatory football matches. In the back room there are two pool tables and a foosball table to satisfy those itchy trigger fingers. This pub very much holds its own with the other local pubs and is the perfect place to go if you fancy breaking away from the tourist throng for a few "quiet" ones.

Update 2017: Now given a fresh new lease of life as "Shenanigans" the pub is now trying to live up to its new name. There has definitely been an effort to liven things up and attract a younger, more active crowd. Check their website and facebook pages for upcoming events and promo's.