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Copa Café

★★★★ : €€€
Av Gaudí, 25
Metro Sagrada Familia L5
Hours: Mon-Sun:Noon-4pm & 9pm-2am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 63 830 0226
For those of you who like to chill, you won't go too far wrong in this delightful little abode, a stones throw away from the famous Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) Church. Cheap drinks ranging from non-alcoholic beers to full on cocktails, candles and super-chilled music, make this an ideal place for chatting with friends, romancing your girlfriend or simply sitting at the bar looking for your next conquest!

Update 2017: Av. de Gaudí is a lovely pedestrian avenue running from SagFam up to the Hospital de Sant Pau. It's a good place to visit that's away from the mayhem of the city center. Copa Café is easily missed as it is a small, intimate place. They do have outside terrace seating so it's perfect for a tipple between two of the popular modernista architectures.

The Wild Rover

★★★★ : €€€€
C/ de Santa Mònica, 2
Metro Drassanes L3 : Liceu L3
Hours: Mon/Tue: 1pm-2:30am, Wed/Thu/Sun: 11am-2:30am, Fri/Sat:11am-3am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 302 8485
Close to Las Ramblas, but on the Raval side is The Wild Rover Irish Pub. It's a classic Irish pub experience with the usual pints on draft at usual tourist prices. The decor is pretty interesting, although how genuine all the wall/ceiling-ware is I'll leave to you to decide. There's a veritable multitude of TVs plus two projectors, so you can't possibly miss any of the sports events on show. They will often show multiple events, so if there's rugby and footy on, you and your friends can watch both in the same place. There are also frequent live music events if you fancy a good sing-song after the match. Check out their website for upcoming events (sports & music) plus their pub food menu. It's an obvious choice for tourists and ex-pats in the center of town - and that might be just what you're looking for, or maybe what you'd prefer to avoid (Scobies is a recommended alternative if you don't want so much of the craic). All in all the place is welcoming with good, friendly service even when the place is busy.

Lennox (Ferran)

★★★ : €€€€€
C/ Ferran, 7
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Mon-Thu:3pm-2am, Fri/Sat:3pm-3am, Sun:2pm-midnight
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 342 4026
I don't know why this part of Barcelona, on Ferran by Placa Rieal, is like some kind of mecca for Irish pubs, or why tourists come to foreign cities and then spend most of their evenings in places that look and feel the same as those back home. But it is and they do (well, the Brits anyway). Familiarity and reliability, I guess. The problem is that it makes writing something different for this review near on impossible, because Lennox is just another standard Irish pub like My Bar or Temple Bar across the road. Pints? Check. Pub food? Check. Sports TVs? Check. Friendly staff? Check. Oh, there is an upstairs seating area that makes the pub larger than you might first guess, where you can watch the "giris" hurry by down below while you relax with your pint. Look, it's not a bad place - in fact it may be just what you're looking for in the center of town. So if you want the pub experience, head to this part of town and try all three!

My Bar

★★★★ : €€€€€
C/ Ferran, 8
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Sun-Thu:Noon-2am, Fri/Sat:Noon-3am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 813 975
Part of the triumvirate of Irish pubs on C/ Ferran, My Bar has the distinction of having terrace seating on the entrance to Placa Reial, and a good job too, as it's a small pub inside. In all other respects it is pretty much the same as the other pubs nearby, Temple Bar (with which it is associated) and Lennox across the road. It's a good pub, with a lively crowd, decent pints of your standard ales and a menu of pub food that is done well. As with all other pubs and bars in the main tourist locations, expect things to get busy around key popular times, like weekends and major sports events. Prices are what you'd expect for the area - don't expect to have a session here for €20 - but, hey, if you're on holiday and you want to sit and watch the Barcelona life go by in the center of town, My Bar is a reasonable choice.


★★★★ : €€€€€
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 603
Metro Passeig De Gràcia L2, L3, L4
www.obamabcn.com : Tel. 93 301 6524
Obama-mania has reached Barcelona at last! If you needed to do a double-check on this pub's name, then join the club. I couldn't decide whether to be impressed with the pure chutzpah of whoever named and themed this pub, or to be appalled at the cringingly obvious connection between the first black American president and British colonial rule in Africa. Talk about walking a tightrope of white, middle class, liberal guilt! It's surely not meant to be intentional, right? Well, anyway, the bar itself is surprisingly spacious, given its compact corner location. There are three levels: the first is the walk-in street level, facing the main bar; this is followed by a slightly raised seating area as you move further back which has its own smaller bar; finally, there's an additional cosy and intimate seating area upstairs. It's fair to say that the pub is themed to within an inch of its life! The walls are covered with faux pictures of scenes, maps and characters from the Great British Empire - all nice and interesting, but with an authenticity score of exactly nil. The affect is also somewhat spoilt by the inclusion on pretty much each wall of a flat screen TV. The clash of old empire memorabilia with modern media is jarring to say the least. That said, the decor is so overdone that it's actually rather awe inspiring, in a "My god, I can't believe someone has actually done this!" kind of way. One big plus, in my book at least, is the bar's location - it's just to the north of Plaça Catalunya, right next to the Passeig De Gràcia metro and so is really convenient, yet away from the usually packed out tourist pubs that are directly off Las Ramblas. As with all pubs in the center of town, drinks aren't cheap, but for a visit to such a (unintentionally?) controversial pub is surely worth the price! I still just can't quite believe it exists!


★★★★ : €€€
Ronda de la Universitat, 8
Metro Universitat L1, L2 : Catalunya L1 : Passeig de Gracia L2, L3, L4
Hours: Mon–Thu: 5pm - 2:30am, Fri–Sat: 1pm - 3am, Sun: 1pm - 2:30am
www.scobiesirishpub.com & Facebook : Tel. 93 601 1908
Your intrepid drinkBarcelona reviewer recently found himself sheltering in Scobies from a torrential downpour. Any port in a storm, as they say, but what a port Scobies is! A better place to sit out thunder and lightning must be hard to find in the center of town. Scobies is a simple, open and spacious pub with plenty of seating, both around the bar itself and further back where there's room for larger groups. A couple of big TVs are placed strategically to cater for the sport loving customer. Music is classic rock & pop that's set at an entertaining level that encourages conversation. Overall the ambiance hits a good balance and works for both couples and larger groups who want to socialise rather than be entertained by TVs and loud music. That said, Scobies isn't a quiet pub (unless, like me, you dive in there at 7pm to avoid the rain) and it gets busy come 10pm on the weekend - the extra crowds of people being a good mix of locals, ex-pats and tourists from around Europe. Scobies is Irish owned and run, with very friendly and conversational staff - it's a proper pub, through and through. Scobies is perfectly placed, being close to three metros and Plaça Catalunya. However, you won't need to take out a second mortgage on your house in order to drink a few pints of Guinness (or whatever your tipple happens to be). At just over €5 for a pint of the black stuff, Scobies offers excellent value in these harder times. And it's a good pint of proper Irish Guinness - possibly the best in Barcelona. If you're in the center of town and you fancy a decent pint in a good pub then put a visit to Scobies on your list - highly recommended!

The Shamrock

★★★ : €€€
C/ Tallers 72
Metro Universitat L1, L2 : Catalunya L1, L3
Hours: Mon/Thu/Sun: Noon-2:30am, Tue/Wed: 6pm-2:30am, Fri/Sat: Noon-3am
www.shamrock-bcn.com & Facebook : Tel. 93 412 4636
There are many Irish pubs in Barcelona, but like all popular holiday destinations, the best places are usually to be found tucked away and slightly hidden from the casual tourist's view - and so it is with The Shamrock. Less plastic than some pubs these days, this place will suit you if you like your drinking establishments to be down to earth - i.e. in the business of selling decent drinks in a conducive atmosphere, rather than attempting to be an entertainment center. Now, that said, no pub would be complete without the ability to show all the usual sporting fare - and the Shamrock excels in this regard with a large projection TV for footy, rugby, Gaelic & American football. Darts and pool are available for those who want to participate as well as spectate. There's good pub food available too, with English & Irish breakfasts, burgers, steak & kidney pies, sandwiches, etc. The Shamrock is a small and friendly place that's popular, but not overly so - you can normally find a place to relax with your friends - but be certain to double check the byzantine opening times. In short, worth checking out and could become a favourite if it's your kind of place.

Update 2017: The Shamrock is now celebrating 20 years and is now the 4th oldest Irish pub in Barcelona. Check their Facebook page for details on events and promotions. It's also worth mentioning that they have plenty of outside seating in the Placa de Castella, so you can enjoy the Barcelona sun and streetlife while you sup your drinks.