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El Cine

★★★ : €€€
C/ Torrent de l'Olla 21
Metro Diagonal L3, L5 : Fontana L3
Well I hate to repeat myself, but this is yet another above average bar in Gracia! Unlike most however, this is more of a cocktail bar than the typical table-and-chairs establishments that grace this neighbourhood. Sporting a huge TV and a smaller one above the bar, this is clearly a place for those who want to watch some 'hot Barca action' whilst perched on a stool, munching pork scratchings and sipping the night away. However if you are fortunate enough to pop in on a normal, non-soccer night you'll also find plenty here to keep you amused. There's a dartboard, fruit machine and pinball machine to keep you distracted whilst waiting to refill your glass and music to tingle your eardrums. The barstaff are friendly and speak good English. There's the usual array of beverages, including our old favourite assortment of cocktails. Being more of a bar than anything else there are no menus, but this is a place for drinkers not culinary quest seekers! A good bar, with plenty of entertainment, a good 'atmos' and plenty of space to drink and be merry.

Update 2018 - As the name suggests, "El Cine" boasts a décor association with the classic movies of yesteryear, with a few modern classics thrown in. Being right on the southern edge of Gracia means that it's a little out of the way, but worth seeking out if your walking up from the Eixample.

La Cigale

★★★★ : €€€
C/ Tordera 50
Metro Joanic L4 : Verdaguer L4, L5
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6pm - 2am, Fri-Sat: 6pm - 3am, Sun: 6pm - 2am
Facebook : Tel. 934 57 58 23
Apparently the name of this bar is of French origin, although in Catalan it means something rather ruder! Still this is one of a family of bars in Gracia that do their very best to give you a good mix of chilled, yet at the same time not dull atmospheres. Although this is fairly similar to its sister bar 'La Fourmi', (literally around the corner) there are some important differences that make this place stand out and perhaps make it worth its own visit. Where it differs is in its much more eclectic food menu and size. On first entering you might wonder whether or not you'd even attempt to swing a kitten (never mind a full blown moggy!) in the initial bar area - but I'll tell you a secret - there's a huge, wonderful low-lit upstairs with sofas, armchairs and room to swing a tiger! The music here is also nice and subtle, enough so that you can have a decent conversation and of course (in parallel with its siblings) it has the usual range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. Those of you who are cider hunters will also not be disappointed. Back downstairs, the bar is of average proportions and there are plenty of stools in case you are unlucky enough to not get a nice table. Like most cocktail type bars in this neighbourhood, there's a projector, but I'm pleased to say it's fairly low key and hardly a distraction unless you want it to be. (People on blind dates take note!) All in all, a surprisingly good all-round bar with enough to please even the fussiest of punters and nicely hidden away from the busier parts of Gracia. For me, the icing on the cake has to be the food menu, and as we found out last night, all of the staff speak English very well. For this reason you have no excuses not to check this hidden 'tardis' of a bar out when on one of your next drunken odyssey!


★★★★ : €€€€€
C/ Rec, 67
Metro Jaume I / Barceloneta L4
Hours: Mon-Thu: 5pm - 3am, Fri-Sun: 3pm - 3am
Facebook : Tel. 932 68 46 23
This cocktail establishment is laced with a plethora of stools, high-backed chairs, and plenty of shiny chrome abounds. It's a great bar and surprisingly large for this neighbourhood. What's most striking though is the décor which definitely lives up to this bar's title. Huge chandeliers and antique (yet surprisingly comfy seats) make this a place for those who want to drink in style. The usual array of cocktails can be found here, plus wine and cava (catalan champagne) at pretty reasonable but not cheap prices. The music is loud and enjoyable enough to add an extra spice to your night's drinking session and overall I am happy to say it's a bar with joie de vivre that can be returned to again and again, whether for a chat with a friend, to impress a local chick (or two) or just to chill out in after a hard day's mooching on the beach.

Update 2018 - Barroc is sensory overload in cocktail bar form. It's flash, loud, funky and pulls in a young, chic crowd. Note that prices for drinks increase for the evening when the place gets really busy. There is an outside terrace area with table service for those summer nights. A good choice for pre-clubbing cocktails.

Milk Bar

★★★★ : €€€
C/Gignas, 21
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Mon-Thu: 9am-2am, Fri-Sat: 9am-2:30am, Sun: 9am-2am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 268 0922
Since opening in March 2005, Milk has created a truly unique style. Dangerously comfortable booths, sexy cartoon art and hand-crafted wallpaper all contribute towards a decadent ambiance. The evening menu embraces culinary cultures from all over the world. Weekend brunch is excellent, not only providing delicious plates such as traditional homecooked Irish breakfeast or eggs benedict but also a selection of complimentary English, Irish and Spanish newspapers. Milk has a good location nestled in the narrow streets of the old Barri Gothic, and a soundtrack of rare and funky tunes to set the mood for a great night out. And their cocktails are a treat for selective and discerning tastebuds. The Milk Bar & Bistro offers a modern and elegant option for the ever livelier nights of Barcelona's old town. As their website describes: "Plush sofas, flirtatious pillows, gilded lacy red picture frames, antique chandeliers and incredible wallpaper designed by 50's designer Florence Broadhurst." The menu changes seasonally, and popular dishes include the "Milk hamburger" topped with the house sweet onion relish, served with wedges and tonkatsu sauce, "The Ultimate Caesar Salad" which has their homemade dressing, chapata croutons, smoked bacon, parmesan cheese and topped with a warm poached egg and of course the ever popular "Seafood Jumbalaya." Milk has a famous cocktail list with a legendary Happy Hour for selected cocktails between 7pm and 9pm daily. All-in-all a premium cocktail bar and definitely worth hunting out amongst the narrow catacomb streets of the old Barri Gothic.

Update 2018 - Along with their sister bar Marmalade, the Milk Bar & Bistro is highly recommended if you're in the Gotico area, either during the day for brunch or later for cocktails. Don't be surprised to see queues if you turn up at the most popular times.

Pitin Bar

★★ : €€€€
Passeig del Born 34
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Sun - Tue: 10am - 1am, Wed - Thu: 10am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 10am - 3am
Facebook : Tel. 933 19 50 87
I was intrigued by the etymology of the name of this bar and it means two distinct things which I'll let you cogitate over: One, a worm that infects Windows systems and spreads through network shares. Two, a creole word for 'a lady of the night' or 'whore' in layman's terms! Either way none of the definitions come remotely close to describing this rather cramped, claustrophobic, stair laden, pleasant death trap of a bar on the well trodden Passeig del Born. If sweaty, sauna inducing, low ceiling bars with bad service and tuna can conditions appeal to your sense of fun glands then this could be the bar for you. Jam packed with peeps quaffing the usual array of intoxicating liquids, skin-to-skin and bum cheek-to-bum cheek this place will either induce an erotic tingle to your night or a feeling of being an overworked pinball in a badly designed pinball machine. Music isn't offensive - as is to be expected in the bars in this zone and although I've heard positive claims about this bar from other sources citing its historic, romantic overtones, for me it was a highly frustrating experience to spend more than a small amount of time here. A bar that sadly doesn't live up to its name.

Update 2018 - It may have a unique window for watching the world go by on Passeig del Born, but the low roof and tiny space make it compact & bijou to say the least. Service can be a bit hit & miss, and there is a surcharge for drinking on the terrace: which is a surprise given the number of good alternative bars in this barrio.

La Fourmi

★★★★ : €€€€
C/ Mila i Fontanals 58
Metro Joanic L4
Hours: Mon-Thu: 8:30am - 1:30am, Fri: 8:30am - 3am, Sat: 10am - 3am, Sun: 10am - 1:30am
Facebook : Tel. 932 13 30 52
This is one of my new faves in Gracia. Basically it's a cocktail bar on the lines of St Germain et al but the difference here is it's much less pretentious. Street inspired (or actual street) furniture make this is a small and yet warm bar to idle the night away. Sporting classic film posters, a simple and functional snack menu and a nice lack of TVs, projectors and all of the other gadgets that seem to be clogging up bars these days, this is the place to come to philosophise and 'put the world to rights'. Of course if your brain cells are shutting down after a hard day's slog you can always come here to assist them further with a range of cocktails and soak up the tranquil yet not soporific atmosphere that gracefully embraces this bar.

Update 2018 - La Fourmi definitely pushes itself these days as a cafe restaurant during the day and a cocktail bar during the evenings. And it still manages to excel at both of these whist remaining friendly and down-to-earth. Good for singles and couples rather than large groups.

Cactus Bar

★★★ : €€€
Passeig del Born 30
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Mon-Sun: 4pm-2.30am
Facebook : Tel. 933 10 63 54
Sometimes I wonder if there isn't anything else BUT bars in this popular part of town, as yet again I discover another abode competing for locals and tourists in this beautiful, old miniature high street. Unfortunately, the competition in this part of town is extremely high and so although this is a pleasant enough place - small, intimate and fine for a couple of swifties - it doesn't fair as anything special when pitted against the barrage of trendier bars that adorn the neighbourhood. Music however was good, upbeat (in a good way) and prices reasonable, especially as this is a very trendy, bourgeois, bohemian part of the city. Being probably one of the smallest places on the street, space is lacking but well compensated for by the use of stools and clean, uncluttered bar space. All in all, this is a pleasant and mellow enough space to hang for a drink but with the disadvantage of being literally surrounded by the hottest competition in the city. As I said to Paul last night, 'if this bar was in my street, I'd be very happy!' Let's hope the down to earth decor and friendly service can keep the punters rolling in.

Update 2018 - Cactus is worth a visit if you're looking for tasty cocktails - it's not a place for groups looking for space and rounds of beers. If you're lucky enough to walk past and there's an open table on the small terrace then Cactus is a nice place to sit and people watch on the superior Passeig del Born.