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George Payne

★★★★ : €€€€
Plaza Urquinaona, 5
Metro Urquinaona L1, L4 : Plaza Catalunya L3 : Passeig de Gracia L2
Hours: Mon-Wed:6pm-2am, Thu/Sun:6pm-2.30am, Fri/Sat:6pm-3am : Tel. 93 481 5294
This enormous pub in Plaza Urquinaona has something for everyone. The George Payne is divided into four rooms: a stylish cocktail lounge, a spacious main bar with DJ, an upstairs bar with gentlemen's club style leather chairs overlooking the main bar and the George Payne Irish pub section. The atmosphere is remarkably friendly and relaxed for a commercial bar of its size and the general vibe is definitely classier than the average downtown Irish pub. The copious drinks selection encompasses the usual favourites like Estrella, Guinness and cider, as well alcopops and an impressively long cocktail list. The restaurant is good quality and the prices reflect this (check their website for full menu for both drinks and food). This boozer is not so classy that it neglects to cater for sports fans, however, and all Spanish league and Champions league matches are shown as well as the best of other major sports. The George Payne is also slightly unusual in that it hosts private functions such as weddings, private parties, and stag and hen nights. You can hire out one of the four rooms or, if you've got the dosh, the entire place. The bar has only recently opened and consequently the atmosphere and clientele is a bit variable, although no doubt in time the pub will find its own vibe. At the moment, it's a fine place to start your weekend.

Update 2017: It seems as though the George Payne has firmly settled into the tourist market - not surprising given its central location. The consensus is that the restaurant's main dishes are generally worthy, but that the bar food (nachos, buffalo wings, etc.) can be disappointing, especially during busy times around major sporting events. However, if you want a modern pub atmosphere, and you're in a group looking for somewhere that'll likely be lively late on, the GP is a good bet.


★★★★ : €€€€
C/Ferran, 23
Metro Liceu L3 : Jaume I L4
Hours: Mon-Thu: 10am - 2.30am, Fri/Sat: 10am - 3am, Sun: Noon - 2am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 618 81 25 90
What is there left to say about this Barcelona institution? Residents will no doubt already be well aware of this famous café's charms and those that are not should really pay a visit, if only to be able to say that they've been. While I can't help but find Schilling a teensy bit overrated, it's definitely a good place for tourists to head to as it boasts a pretty much unbeatable location (if central equals good, that is) and it's one of the premier people-watching spots in town, due mainly to the diverse crowds that spill back and forth between the Ramblas and Plaza San Jaume. Next door to Starbucks and a short stagger from Plaza Reial, Schilling is a classy and thoroughly continental antidote to the more mainstream pleasures of its neighbours. Refreshingly spacious (for a Catalan bar), the ceilings are high, the seats are comfy and the lighting is elegant. During the day, Schilling is a bustling café serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, then as the sun goes down, it morphs into a lively cocktail bar welcoming a mixed crowd of young and old, straight and gay, tourists and locals. It's not my favourite downtown hangout, but it's certainly a very convenient place to meet people and a classic bar that every self-respecting drinker should tick off their list.

Update 2018 - It's still a classic location off the Ramblas to stop for food & drink whilst watching the tourists walk by.


★★★★★ : €€€€€
C/Gran de Gracia 36
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Mon: 8pm - 3am, Tue/Wed: Closed, Thur: 8pm - 3am, Fri/Sat: 8pm - 3.30am, Sun: Closed.
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 15 18 24
Arguably more of an effort at a disco than a bar, I've decided to pop this place into our guide for the simple reason that it's just too good to miss, but this place is certainly no nightclub. Really it's a bar with a very good dance floor and simply fab music. Well, when I say fab I mean it's a sweaty place to go and dance to the likes of The Smiths, Hendrix, The Strokes (and no Coldplay or Keane!) and just about any other classic piece of guitar based rock that has assaulted our ears since the sixties. Prices are not cheap, but it does offer a lot more than a bar can and for the entry price you also get a free beer or large spirit of your choice! Full of locals and more than a handful of ex-pats you'll certainly feel at home here. Don't come here if you want a quiet drink or are not at home in a hot, sweaty, quite simply 'rammed' bar, but do come if like me you can't stand electronic car alarm music and want to boogie your buttocks away to all the classics that still hit the spot and then some!

Update 2018 - Definitely pulls in an older crowd (if you think 30's are oldies!). Alfa also does concerts and open mic nights if you want your 5 minutes of fame! Check their website and facebook for details.


★★★ : €€€€
C/Terol, 26-28
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Mon-Wed: 7pm - 1am, Thu: 7pm - 2am, Fri: 7pm - 3am, Sat: 6pm - 3am, Sun: 6pm - 1am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 932 84 48 96
Finally! A bar with space and high ceilings in Gracia! Don't get me wrong, I love this neighbourhood, but from time to time even I can get a little frustrated with the cramp and overcrowded conditions in most of the bars in this area. Teatreneu however offers a solution to that niggle of mine in that it sports two huge rooms and a small outside terrace. Other than that I must admit that although it's a nice bar it's not terribly exciting. The music is not particularly cool, but if you're looking for somewhere to hang out in a crowd or to sit at a comfortable bar then this just could be your place. Lighting is pleasantly ambient and you'll find a mixed crowd here. Pleasantly enough you won't find lobster faced beer swilling, alpha-male inebriated tourists!

Update 2018 - Teatreneu also does food - check their website for the menu and facebook for pictures and details of dance classes and other social events.

Lennox (Paddy's Lane)

★★★ : €€€€
Plà del Palau
Metro Barceloneta L4
Website : Facebook : Tel: 93 268 8556
In the unlikely (well, let's say hypothetical) event that a psychiatrist, in the midst of a word association game, were to say the name of this bar to me, I would probably instinctively blurt out "boring" or "dull" or perhaps even "meh", such is the crude nature of the subconscious. My conscious mind, however, would surely strive to be much more kind and point out the few good points that this otherwise bog-standard pub possesses. First of all, it's pretty much the only Irish pub in central Born so it has a local monopoly on Guinness, cider and Irish music. Secondly, it's one of the few Irish pubs in town with an outdoor terrace - and in these sweltering summer months what could be more appealing than a lovely pint of refreshing cider al fresco? Third, the terrace is situated in a square overlooked by a proud building which is the spitting image of the Hill Valley clock tower in Back To The Future, which to me is a bonus, albeit a slight one. If these three dynamite factors are not enough to have you right now hailing a cab in Paddy's Lane's direction, there is yet a fourth reason: the pub is next door to a terrific Italian restaurant called Al Passatore, which compensates for its occasionally dopey staff with great value Italian grub. In fact, if it's lunchtime, why go to Paddy's Lane and pay 5 euros for one beer, when you could pay slightly more at Al Passatore and have two glasses of wine, a starter, a main course, a dessert, a basket of bread and a coffee. You do the math.

Update 2017: Now part of the "Lennox" pubs (the other is on C/Ferran, opposite "My Bar" & "Temple Bar")

Sol de Nit

★★★ : €€€
Plaça Del Sol, 9
Metro Fontana L3
Hours: Sun-Thu: Noon-2.30am, Fri/Sat: Noon-3am
Website : Faceboook : Tel. 932 37 39 37
Peacefully co-existing with the barrage of bars forming the backbone of this plaça, Sol de Nit is the best bar for those of us who have grown out of 'doing it large' at the weekends. That's not to say it's a boring bar as it certainly has its fair share of charm and interesting art pieces gracing its old walls. Offering a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere inside with comfortable tables, and an outside terrace appropriately situated in this famously sunny square; whether you pop here for a quick beer and a spot of afternoon sun or venture in for a chat, a bite to eat or a few beers, this bar won't fail to disappoint. Music is also chilled enough to put you in a sociable mood without being overbearing or too 'in ya face' to enjoy a pleasant natter. All in all this is a rather more mature bar but with enough qualities to please all but the most fussy of punters and a good place to start drinking in the sun before moving inside to lubricate the tonsils until the night's frivolities draw in!

Update 2018 - Sol de Nit has focused on it's food in order to try to differentiate it from the other establishments in the plaça. Calling it a restaurant is a bit of a stretch though - but if you're looking for a light lunch in the Gracia area then check their website for menu and cocktail details.

Cafe de l'Ópera

★★★★ : €€
La Rambla. 74
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Mon-Sun: 8.30am-2.30am
Website : Tel. 93 317 7585
This modernist style cafe at the midpoint of the Ramblas is about as well-known and central as a bar can be. In case you haven't twigged from its name, it is directly opposite the famous Liceu opera house and if you grab a seat upstairs you will have a glorious view of both the ornate architecture of the Liceu and the canary-flogging, street-performing, pickpocketing madness below. If you're on holiday in Barcelona and you want a taste of a typical Catalan bar, then Cafe de l'Ópera is an easy choice. Fancy acid-etched mirrors, somewhat less fancy chandeliers and the obligatory hard wooden chairs make this bar feel at once typical and yet classier than the norm. Unlike the majority of the bars on the Ramblas, this cafe is frequented by just as many Catalans as holidaymakers and this 50-50 mix gives it a unique vibe. In addition to a spacious main bar downstairs, there are two rooms upstairs which are similar in decor but are significantly cosier and comfier with long, padded, inexplicably shiny, seats. While upstairs, you can also stock up on the latest English magazines and there's even a rare payphone in case your mobile is on the blink, or heaven forbid, you don't possess one. One of the few traditional bars in Barcelona which is always busy and buzzing even in the afternoon, Cafe de l'Ópera is the best bar on Barcelona's most famous street.