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★★★ : €€€€
C/Canvis Nous, 6
Metro Jaume I / Barceloneta L4
Hours: Mon-Sun: 9.30pm - 2.30am
Facebook : Tel. 93 268 1047
An impressive looking bar, slightly off the beaten track in this bohemian part of town. Specialising in cocktails (I could have sworn the barman was a wannabe alchemist!), very cool music and interesting camera related décor, this is a bar for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the main, funky high street. Perch yourself on a stool or sink into the comfy, cushion adorned chairs and you'll find all of your troubles dissipate into the night (or at least until the morning!) However, like all good things in life, there is a price to pay for all this self-indulgent luxury and that's through your trusty wallet! Prices are not cheap here - which knocked down my otherwise unbounded enthusiasm for this place and thus although 'technically' this is a four star bar - I can't justify giving it a rating of four as there are plenty of bars as 'cool' as this who support more regular prices. Nice bar, great for tourists and the nouveau riche (or those on a date) but not one that suits my humble kitty!

Update 2018 - There is also a second Tripode bar in the El Born barrio at Passeig del Born, 17. Both bars specialise in cocktails at the higher end of the typical price range.

Margarita Blue

★★★★ : €€€
C/Josep Anselm Clave 6
Metro Drassanes L3
Hours: Sun-Thu: 6pm - 2am, Fri/Sat: 6pm - 3am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 412 5489
The Margarita Blue is a colourful restaurant and bar with plenty of bohemian character. It attracts a mixed bunch, but especially the young and trendy, both locals and foreigners in large numbers for cocktails and Mexican food at pretty reasonable prices. Located close to El Bosc de les Fades, it's a great place to stop in for an early evening drink and that's probably the best time to come and relax. Later in the night you will find it becomes pretty crowded with tourists dressed up and ready to drink, so get there early if you want to find a free table. The design is cozy, but hip, and all the mirrors behind the bar give you the illusion that this place is larger than it really is. The atmosphere is informal, yet stylish and the staff are friendly and tolerant. All the usual beverages are available, but their speciality is cocktails - naturally, their namesake cocktail - The Margarita Blue - is a must.

Update 2018 - Check their website for cocktail and food menus, plus lists of live music and shows.


★★★★ : €€
Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes 399
Metro Placa Espanya L3
Hours: Mon: 9am - 10pm, Tue-Thu: 9am - 2.30am, Fri: 9am - 3am, Sat: 5pm - 3am, Sun: 5pm - 2.30am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 23 16 59
Plaça Espanya is a popular place for tourists and those visiting the plethora of trade fairs in this area. This bar is certainly a great place to go in large numbers and to spend the night playing pool (four good quality tables), foosball, darts or even ping-pong! This is a large bar for Barcelona standards, and the drinks are nice and cheap and the music is lively although a little 'young' for my taste. If you get peckish during your evening, there is a good menu with plenty to chose from. All in all it's a very good bar, not eclectic or particularly special in a Barcelona way but likely to be rammed with plenty of locals, ex-pats and tourists alike. Highly recommended!

Update 2018 - If you're looking to drink some beers and shoot some pool, Retruc is the place to go if you're down near the Plaça Espanya area. Retruc is kind of a "sports bar", but where the clientèle are expected to partake in the games. That said, Retruc will also show the main Barça games on a big projector in the back hall, and can be a good alternative to the tourist pubs in the center of town if you're willing to walk or metro down to Plaça Espanya.

El Xampanyet

★★★★ : €€
C/ Montcada 22
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Tue - Fri: Midday - 4pm & 7pm - 11pm, Sat: Midday - Midnight, Sun/Mon: Closed
Facebook : Tel. 933 19 70 03
Fancy a bit of 'old skool' Catalan quaffing of cava? If so, this is the place to go! To call this place 'functional' would be an understatement but despite its lack of interesting or in fact remarkable furnishings, this bar is great if you really want a truly local experience. Music is non-existent and the lighting like a basic living room in an old flat. However the charm of this place is its 'down-to-earth' simplicity in that it does exactly what's said on the box! It provides excellent local, basic cuisine in the form of hams and cheeses and ridiculously well priced and even better tasting cava. Besides this, there really isn't much else to say as you'll either warm to its fundamental charm or perhaps find it a bit too brightly lit and busy to get into the groove. In my case, I can honestly say that it's a fantastic place to liven up your night and will definitely get you into the spirit of real Barcelona. You can almost imagine this lovely old place full of the intelligentsia, discussing politics or citing the next philosophical theories during Franco's era of repression or you can forget the past and celebrate the present in this wonderful old traditional drinking den a stones throw away from the famous Picasso museum. The choice is yours!

Update 2018 - El Xampanyet is known by everyone who lives here as an authentic Barcelona institution. It's also compact & bijou, and insanely popular. Good luck getting a seat unless you're there at opening or happen to arrive as another group are leaving. But it is worth having a go, because the local cava and home made tapas are recognised as being some of the best in the city, and at a price that is hard to believe.

Bosc de les Fades

★★★ : €€€€
Pasaje de la Banca
Metro Drassanes L3
Website : Tel. 933 17 26 49
Bosc de les Fades (Forest of the Fairies) is to be found near the bottom of Las Ramblas, behind the Museu de Cera (Wax Museum). This is one of Barcelona's more unusual bars, to say the least and is quite clearly aimed at the tourist market. As an attempt to create a bar with a mystical, fairytale theme, it's a success - but whether it really works as a place you want to go to for a drink is a different question. I suspect some will love it, whilst others will find it's kitsch organically shaped tables, gnarled fake plastic trees and tree trunk ledges just a step too far. The bar is a dark, dimly lit place, where the windows have been replaced by weird, illusionary mirrors to perhaps represent the mist beyond the trees or vertical, stagnant, silvery pools of mystery. Lanterns hanging from the branches provide the internal light amongst the trees. Just when you think that it couldn't get any stranger, you'll spot another anteroom in the corner of the main bar area that is decked out in the style of an old colonial bar, with tables chairs and wooden cabinets. What's more, snacks are available via a vending machine, or you can go the more traditional route, and chose one of the cakes, peanuts or savouries on view underneath the glass counter at the bar. The ambience is further enhanced by the background noise of forestry sounds, distant storms, insects and wild animals. Ideal for fans of fairytale creatures, ghostly woods, or just about anybody else who fancies a drink in an unusual surrounding. No visit to Barcelona is complete without a visit to El Bosc de les Fades, but its eerie strangeness (and tourist prices) rather rule it out as a popular favourite for expats.

El Cine

★★★ : €€€
C/ Torrent de l'Olla 21
Metro Diagonal L3, L5 : Fontana L3
Well I hate to repeat myself, but this is yet another above average bar in Gracia! Unlike most however, this is more of a cocktail bar than the typical table-and-chairs establishments that grace this neighbourhood. Sporting a huge TV and a smaller one above the bar, this is clearly a place for those who want to watch some 'hot Barca action' whilst perched on a stool, munching pork scratchings and sipping the night away. However if you are fortunate enough to pop in on a normal, non-soccer night you'll also find plenty here to keep you amused. There's a dartboard, fruit machine and pinball machine to keep you distracted whilst waiting to refill your glass and music to tingle your eardrums. The barstaff are friendly and speak good English. There's the usual array of beverages, including our old favourite assortment of cocktails. Being more of a bar than anything else there are no menus, but this is a place for drinkers not culinary quest seekers! A good bar, with plenty of entertainment, a good 'atmos' and plenty of space to drink and be merry.

Update 2018 - As the name suggests, "El Cine" boasts a décor association with the classic movies of yesteryear, with a few modern classics thrown in. Being right on the southern edge of Gracia means that it's a little out of the way, but worth seeking out if your walking up from the Eixample.

La Cigale

★★★★ : €€€
C/ Tordera 50
Metro Joanic L4 : Verdaguer L4, L5
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6pm - 2am, Fri-Sat: 6pm - 3am, Sun: 6pm - 2am
Facebook : Tel. 934 57 58 23
Apparently the name of this bar is of French origin, although in Catalan it means something rather ruder! Still this is one of a family of bars in Gracia that do their very best to give you a good mix of chilled, yet at the same time not dull atmospheres. Although this is fairly similar to its sister bar 'La Fourmi', (literally around the corner) there are some important differences that make this place stand out and perhaps make it worth its own visit. Where it differs is in its much more eclectic food menu and size. On first entering you might wonder whether or not you'd even attempt to swing a kitten (never mind a full blown moggy!) in the initial bar area - but I'll tell you a secret - there's a huge, wonderful low-lit upstairs with sofas, armchairs and room to swing a tiger! The music here is also nice and subtle, enough so that you can have a decent conversation and of course (in parallel with its siblings) it has the usual range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. Those of you who are cider hunters will also not be disappointed. Back downstairs, the bar is of average proportions and there are plenty of stools in case you are unlucky enough to not get a nice table. Like most cocktail type bars in this neighbourhood, there's a projector, but I'm pleased to say it's fairly low key and hardly a distraction unless you want it to be. (People on blind dates take note!) All in all, a surprisingly good all-round bar with enough to please even the fussiest of punters and nicely hidden away from the busier parts of Gracia. For me, the icing on the cake has to be the food menu, and as we found out last night, all of the staff speak English very well. For this reason you have no excuses not to check this hidden 'tardis' of a bar out when on one of your next drunken odyssey!